Yesterday, thousands gathered around Stonewall Inn to stand in solidarity with the LGBT community and other marginalized groups whose civil rights are currently being threatened by President Donald Trump’s administration.

In the few weeks following President Trump’s inauguration, dozens of protests have erupted around the globe in a collaborative effort to combat the leader’s oppressive executive orders. Now, New Yorkers are flooding the streets of the West Village in a vibrant sea of rainbow to support the LGBT community and urge for a peaceful call to action.

“I am a student. I am queer,” said Bonnie, 21. “I am very opposed to the Trump administration and I think it’s important for us to stand in solidarity with other communities that have faced oppression.”

“We are facing a fascist regime that has taken political power,” said Steve, a member of the non-profit, “We cannot allow this regime to consolidate any more political power.”

“I’m a woman. I’m gay. I’m intersex. I’m trans and I’m a disabled veteran. Trump and his program go against me on more levels than I can count,” said Danie. “He is an extremely dangerous man, but he is a man of a very frail ego. Protests really bother him. The more bothered and unhinged he is, the more obvious it will be that he needs to be removed.”