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“My first time voting was in the primaries this year, this is my second time. Millenials aren’t voting and I get it. I was born in the Dominican Republic and became a citizen at 18. I was more focused on my life and never followed politics. I got into it two years ago because, after the election of Trump, I started to notice more the corruption of politics. The government is only about the rich, they don’t care about us although we’re the ones that pay the taxes. I vote for the progressives so that I’m actually voting for us. I didn’t get to register to vote for the Trump vs. Hillary race because I just didn’t make any time. But this time I got my information right and voted. My hope is that our taxes are put to a better use, especially into helping housing which is being neglected by leaders not doing their part.” Andy, 32, Concierge from East Harlem // Alejandra Arevalo

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