“I’m a very democratic person. We need to flip the congress and senate to take down the crazy person in power right now who is trying to delete all the amazing things Obama did. It is so insulting to have a president who has no respect for anyone. I’ve never been so enraged. I’m originally from France but I’ve been here for 28 years. I’ve been through Bush, Clinton, and Bush again. I wasn’t happy but I wasn’t disgusted the way I am right now. We need the right laws. Issues like healthcare, immigration, equal pay, education, and just so many other things is what brings me out to vote. I respect parties. I respect other ideas but we cannot continue living this way. Every single voice is important. Every vote is important. This is a beautiful gift that we have in this country and we should exempt our right.”¬†Brigitte Dalmas, 60, Accountant, Gramercy resident.